This Health Business Org’s official website is Health Business Org is in the industry: Non-profit Organizations. It has 51-200 employees. It is under construction.





The stage and win a prize worth R$100,000.00

The Cultural Contest “Taking Ideas from Paper that Save Lives” is now the largest entrepreneurship competition in the area of ​​health in Latin America. Last weekend, the winning INNSUMO team could take their idea to the stage and win a prize worth R$100,000.00 to catalyze their project.





Ideal time for you to connect with the entrepreneurial world

healthbusinesssummit It is an honor to be able to count on your presence and learn a little about your trajectory at the Health Business Summit!
“Be passionate about what you do, because only then will you do it better and easier!”




Health Business Summit ordinary members

The largest meeting of entrepreneurship in health was marked by high-level lectures with the greatest managers in the country. In addition to a lot of networking, possibilities for new business and relaxed moments! Our instagram


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